School Bike Commute 2016-17 DONE!

Biking the older kid to school is nothing new. Although, this was the first year she biked on her own all the way to school and home.

It was a year of learning too!
Our route at the beginning of the year meant we would bike on Martin Luther King, cut through some side streets by S. Alaska and make the difficult journey of biking up S. Columbian Way. None of it was nice. It was always loud and included risk. For every intersection we had to be vigilant someone wasn't turning or running a red light. MLK has become the new Rainier Ave. High speeds are normal but the good thing going is that we have the light rail track in the middle that act as a buffer.

Our route suddenly changed when a driver turning from S. Columbian on to a side street came at us so fast they almost hit us. Since I was basically blocking the road I motioned to this driver to roll down his window. I will have to note that after biking this way we met the neighbors on this street and many of them expected us to bi…

Goodbye Edgerunner, hello Vektron

I sold the Edgerunner in November. Yes, November! I think I tweeted about it and then that was it. Afterwards I was sitting on a heap of money for a new bike.

The Edgerunner served me well for 3 years but a front cargo bike serves me really well right now. I was also hopping it would be a multi-modal travel option but the light rail has these blah rules. I am not much for the rules but the real issue was the squooshy nature of bringing a longtail bike on the light rail during rush hour. Outside the rush to work hour it is possible but I needed some flexibility.

So, I waited and thought out my issues. I wanted something light, compact but could carry a toddler and some stuff. I also wanted to have the option of taking a bike on to the Amtrak. A lot of this sounds like the Haul-a-Day right? I liked this option but also thought about some physical issues I have and needed assist so I wouldn't hurt myself again. The toddler is HEAVY!

So, I settled on the Tern Vektron. This bike was n…

50 Shades of TransPortation

So, I did something that is weird. I watched that hot diggy dumb movie about 50 Shades. I am interested in movies that take place in the town I live so I was watching it for the Seattle scenery and not the other stuff that goes on. Right? Sure, right!!!
In any case, when that novel came out I managed to escape reading it even when it was offered for FREE on kindle or on loan from the library. While the intellectual novel of our time, reawakening the souls of the bored won so many hearts,  I want to know, WHY THE HECK WAS THE VIADUCT CLOSED? Why did SDOT feel compelled to block off street? What the heck is going on?

So, ready for some sexy pictures. Go get yourself a NACTO planning guide, a feather and some beer because here is 50 Shades of Grey from a transportation story point.

Our story takes place in some college blandville town in Oregon. Anna goes to the big town of Seattle to meet her doom/destiny. Yeah, my summary is going to be so bad I don't even know what the real story…

Hey There Rainier Ave: In the Era of Rump Roast

Hey, how's it going Rainier Ave?

Well, road channelization has been great BUT it hasn't been extended to the part I live on. So, what happens where I live?

Let me guess, wild parties? Nope, we get collisions. SURPRISE! Before I even show you those pictures let's take a look at what's been happening so far.

Right now the salt in the wound is Rainier/S. Holly. Why this intersection? This is suppose to be a greenway intersection. You know, an all-ages-abilites route. We have to get through this intersection 4 times a day at least. It's a pain in the butt.

Some people have no problem running over kids. She couldn't wait for us to get through the crosswalk. — No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) January 31, 2017 Sometimes drivers don't care when kids are walking across the street.

Oh wacky Rainier Ave — No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) December 19, 2016 Drivers continue to crash.

Romance is..going to a federal building on our wedding anniversary

Roses are red, violets are blue, this guy blocked the sidewalk as a big f---you.❤ — No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) February 14, 2017 February 14th is the day when significant other's are guilted into buying chocolates, flowers, and (insert random junk here). It also happens to be the day Mr. Peyos and I dragged ourselves to Frederiksberg, Denmark and had our civil wedding. It was non-eventful and we amazingly have stayed married for 20 years.

Every year we don't make plans and I don't expect anything except maybe some marshmallows. Romance right!

This year we made plans. Our plans were to eat lunch, with our toddler, at the Jewish retirement home in Capitol Hill. It is by far, the best kosher place to eat.  We did have one errand to do and it required we go to the social security office downtown.

So we set off with our kid. Hey, let's take the 7 bus all the way downtown. It's not rush hour so traffic should be light and we don'…

Hello Portland: Tiny House Adventure #3

We just spenT two epic days in Portland! This is our third family vacation at the Tiny House Hotel and our first time biking all together. I have biked in Portland on my own. Tween was enticed by the promise of flat roads. Mr. Peyos was slightly intrigued by the BikeTown bikeshare. He has yet to use Pronto and doesn't find it convenient. When we go, we stay at the very fun Tiny House Hotel. Our whole family loves to hang out in one spot in the house so tiny house living doesn't seem so odd. It might even be our future. Not yet, Seattle has those laws where you can't build tiny houses because it will RUIN the character of blah blah blah. FYI, we're still renting and the housing market is wacko.

So, we go to Portland and live out our dreams until this becomes a reality where we live. For our third stay we were fortunate to stay in the newly made Zyl Vardos "Pacifica" house. Compared to the other houses this one was really livable for us and worked for a two ni…